What does my ticket include?


Your ticket will include a 50 minute- general admission ticket to the gallery which will include the following  exhibits:

The Classics-  This exhibit features Renaissance-inspired 3D paintings with a pop culture twist 

The Vermillion - As this name suggests this all red exhibit is bold and anything but ordinary

the cake room-a marie antoinette inspired experience *seasonal change to Love room*


Will all exhibits include 3D paintings?

The Classics and The Vermillion exhibitions feature 3D paintings. The Cake is immersive, but does not include 3D paintings.


Can I change outfits for my pictures?

Yes. Customers are able to change outfits, but please be mindful of time and other customers


I cannot make my scheduled session. Can I change my day and time?

Yes. Customers may change the date and the time of their session. Please email info@the3dgalerie.com  for more information.

Do you all give refunds?

Tickets are non-refundable, however,  customers are able to change the date and time of their session.

Is flash photography allowed?

Yes, flash photography  is allowed

Can I rent out the gallery for a special event?

Yes. Please fill out our Special Event Inquiry form here